Adult Bible Classes


To look into the bible to find out about a relationship with God is vital for all.  All Adult Sunday School classes are held at 9:15 am – 10:15 am. at various locations on our campus.  Children’s AWANA time runs simultaneously with Adult Sunday School and our 10:30 service.   A display with the Sunday School Class Map is located at the front foyer of the church.

Sundays, June 4th – August 27th, 2017

Acts• Michael Kissel – The history of Christianity continues following the crucifixion of Christ to encompass the whole Roman world and Asia. Christianity spread during a period when it was “everywhere spoken against.” The class will study the early church as they endeavored to spread the Gospel, share Christ love, and live out their faith in a new and meaningful community. Join us as we study the history, the theology and the practical application of the book of Acts. Class is open to all believers. Workbook cost is $7.00.

Answers to Tough Questions Owen Yamamura, Paul Arakawa, John Herman, & Bryan Pang – How can we answer questions like: “Isn’t it narrow minded to think Christianity is the only way to heaven?” or “Why are Christians so hateful towards homosexuals?” or “How can I believe in the accuracy of a book that was written thousands of years ago.” This class will take us through a series of tough questions and help us develop a simple and well formed response to respectfully engage non-believers. Class is designed for the AWANA teachers on break & others.

One + One = One: A Divine Recipe for Marriage• Pearson & Pepper Liddell – The truth is that we have been created in God’s image and so with Christ, the closest of relationship in marriage is possible. The harmonious blending of unique gifts and talents work to overcome deficits and flaws as husband and wife work through each challenge, in God’s power, transforming enmity to tolerance to genuine friendship and unconditional love. Together we will explore the process of becoming one by identifying possible solutions to conflicts areas such as intimacy, children, finances, roles and responsibilities. God makes bad marriages good, good marriages great, and great marriages never ends getting better.

New Beginnings: Live a Praying Life• Walter Kaneshiro – The New Beginnings Track is for anyone desiring to know God personally through a relationship and walking with Him every day. This study goes back to the biblical basics of prayer, cleaning out myths about prayer to rev up a powerful, ongoing connection to God that can invigorate every aspect of a Christian’s life.

We would love to help you grow in the Word!  Contact us to sign up, just sit in, or inquire more about Adult Bible Classes.

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