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Welcome to our Youth Ministry…Cross Culture!

The meaning of our name Cross Culture stems from a desire that our Youth Ministry would first and foremost be centered upon the Cross. We also aspire to be a ministry where our students are not be afraid to stand out, crossing cultural norms (such as age, race, gender, cliques, etc.). We would love to welcome you into our family! 


Friday Night Youth Service

Who is welcome?   Jr. High students (6th-8th Grade) and High Schoolers (9th-12th Grade)

What do we do?   We have loads of fun, engage in great times of fellowship, experience powerful worship, and hear heart thought-provoking messages that focus in on youth issues.

When do we meet?   Every Friday Night from 7:00-930pm.

Where is this at?   Leeward Community Church, downstairs Fellowship Hall.

Why do we do what we do?   We want to see youth across Hawai’i experience an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, taking ownership of their faith. We want to provide a safe place where they will be fully accepted, be able to engage in meaningful conversations, and be impacted by the love of Jesus.


Sunday School  (AWANA)

Our Jr. High and High School groups meet during the Sunday school hour (9:15-10:15) for biblical teaching and fellowship.  Then they join the adults for 2nd service at 10:30.    (Jr. High School)

Trek is designed for 6th – 8th graders.  This AWANA youth program is a transition between the younger AWANA clubs and the older Journey (high school) program.  While Trek retains some elements of the clubs, its materials, terminology, and methodology are specifically geared to middle school students.  Trek features Bible-based achievements (such as scripture memorization, bible reading and daily devotions) to encourage “Trek-ers” to grow spiritually.   (High School)

How do we prepare our teens to live a life evidently changed by the gospel when the world is screaming a different message at them? Our high-school material/curriculum features an energetic look, enhanced content, and life application. Students engage in real discussion with one another as we start asking them hard questions about their faith.


AWANA Merit Camp (June 18th – 23rd, 2017)

This camp takes place during the summer and ranges from incoming 6th graders to outgoing 12th graders. 6 days and 5 nights filled with fun and learning about God’s Word is more than enough to motivate these students to finish their AWANA books (which is a requirement for students to go to camp!). Fundraising is also available!


Special Events

We also include special events throughout the year such as summer events, conferences (HIM Conference and EXPLICIT Conference), sporting events (Tchoukball), small group outings and special celebrations.


Our biggest event of the year, Christmas camp, is held each year from December 27th – 31st. Camp is definitely a highlight as we go away for 5 days and 4 nights to focus on God, Family, Food, Fun and Fellowship. We not only get to see life transformations but Christ transformations as well.


“Before camp I had been completely blinded by the lies the world and the devil had been telling me. During the first few sessions, my heart would ache because I couldn’t let go of the lies that I wasn’t good enough. But on the third day, God broke my heart and every lie I was told was released. I remember crying out to God “Let me know what it means to be yours. Let me be used for your glory. Show me my worth.” And when I cried out to God, my eyes were opened and I could fully see. He pointed out EVERY lie from the devil and I cried. Every burden was gone. God released me from my chains. After this, my heart let down its walls that shielded me from any love. God showed me my worth in His Kingdom.” – M (Gr.8)




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If you have any questions, concerns or would like to be on our PARENT EMAIL LIST,  please contact Youth Ministry Director,  Abi Arakawa.

Email:           Phone: (808) 456-1340 ext. 3305

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