My Pearl City Prayer Drive

2020 is a year unlike any other and while there are many challenges, there are more opportunities for the Kingdom of God. Prayer is the primary work of God's people. Nothing of lasting value can be done unless it's bathed in prayer.  Join us over three weekends in November as we lay a groundwork of prayer in Pearl City. 

Prayer Drive FAQ

Why a Prayer Drive?

- Like prayer walking, a prayer drive takes our prayers to the very places where we desire to see God’s presence manifested and our prayers answered. It gets us out of the sanctuary walls and helps us to connect with the community we are praying for. Prayer driving also covers more ground in a socially distant way.

What are we Praying For?

- People.  Each section of Pearl City will have a list of specific prayer needs for that area. They may include needs in schools in the area, parks, community centers, fire stations, etc.. However, you are also free to pray for anything you are sensing or see and hear.

How Can I Participate?

- There will be three different prayer routes for you to choose from, each one taking you to a variety of locations in the Pearl City community and giving you prayer insight about that particular area. Routes will be available on-line and in the lobby. You may also contact the church office. Prayer routes will be available soon.

When Do I Participate?

- We ask that you commit to two hours on one of the Saturdays or Sundays from Nov. 14 - 29th. Each prayer route will be designed to take roughly two hours including prayer. However, you are free to do your prayer driving at any time of the day.

Can we Prayer Drive as a HOME Group?

- We encourage HOME Groups to coordinate and choose the same prayer routes. This allows for members to share their experience with one another. However, we do ask that all social distancing measures be followed and that groups abide by current City/State ordinances.