Fresh Start

New to church? Not sure what you believe? Want to help others understand Christianity? Come to this class! This is an opportunity for anyone to have a fresh start.
This class meets in A-201.

Theology of Poverty

How should we understand poverty as Christians? What is a Christian called to do in a world with poverty? This class explores what it means to live in world that is broken physically, socially, and spiritually.
This class meets in the Multi-Purpose Hall

Intimates, Roommates, or Enemy Combatants?
A Class on Marriage

Marriage can be stressful. This course is designed to provide a brief focus on your marriage through the lens of God’s Word. Regardless of where your relationship is at this point in time, this course will show you how your marriage can go from disastrous to average to great - reaching the full pinnacle of joy!
This class meets in the Ohana Hall.