COVID 19 Impact

How We Are Being Safe & Courteous

Welcome Back to Leeward Community Church !

After a short hiatus this past summer, we are back in service on Sunday mornings!  However, we will need to limit the number of people who can attend  in order to practice the proper distancing between friends and households. So, if you have already received your tickets to be at the church there are guidelines that everyone will need to follow to ensure the safety of all our families, guests, and staff. These are listed below.
If this will be your first time back at the church, you will notice changes in the ways that we interact.  It doesn't mean that we are ignoring you, it means that we love you more and want to keep you safe. The key things that you should be doing is:
1. Arrive before 10:30 am to allow time for checking, screening, and ushering you to your seats.
2. Face masks are required at all times, physical touch is prohibited at all times.
3. If you aren't feeling well, please don't plan to come. We can pray for you and catch you at a future Sunday when you are better.
4. Most importantly, continue to pray for protection, healing, and a cure for this virus.


All of these precautions should be conducted before you arrive and throughout the service. Everyone will enter through one marked entrance and leave by a different marked exit.


Temperatures will be taken upon arrival via forehead thermo- meters in a non-contact method. Anyone registering above the tolerance temperature level will not be allowed to enter.

Hand Washing

Seat Distancing

There are several hand sanitizing stations in well-marked areas throughout the facility. When using the restrooms, please wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
We will observe safe distancing in the seating arrangements. Ushers will guide you to seat you at available chairs. People in the same household will be allowed to sit together.

Questions?  Please call us at (808) 456-1340.